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Proudly serving Chiang Mai community and our distinguished clients. Sky Pro Executive Co. Ltd has earned a reputation for excellence and been well recognized from our first class services, efficient and innovative approaches.

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We are offering comprehensive solutions for asset management, leasing, building and consulting to our valued property owners and investors.

The Tenants

One of the primary responsibilities of our team includes all tenant related issues including finding finding and screening applicants, communicating and enforcing lease terms, managing complaints, dealing with bad tenants and proper handing of tenant funds.

Our team provides necessary support to market vacant properties in order to find the most qualified tenants for the property. A vacant property is bad news for an owner, and we work hard to get the property rented as quickly as possible to a qualified tenants. We will put out the effort to post For Rent signs, update online rental advertisements, host open houses and communicate with current tenants for qualified referrals.

We enforce the property owner’s requirements on finding a qualified tenant who will pay rent on time, follow lease terms, and take care of the property by performing legal tenant screening which includes evaluating objective qualification criteria like reliable income, employment verification, pet ownership, family member or kid etc.

Deemed as one of the biggest headaches of property management, dealing with tenant complaints can take up a lot of time and energy. A complaining tenant may be voicing concerns about property maintenance or other community related issues regarding tenants or neighbors.  Before we properly handle their complaints, we may require tenants to submit written notifications through email correspondence.

Even the best tenant screening can cause a few bad apples to slip through the cracks, we will deal with the legal side of asking a tenant to move out. Evictions are an incredibly lengthy process, but we know the correct steps to take to make sure everything is handled appropriately in order not to waste time and money.

We collect rent payments and additional fees (like late fees etc.) made by tenants and is responsible for distributing them to the owner or business accordingly.

We review important lease terms prior the lease signing process to residency. We communicate appropriately with the tenants if any violations occur, and enforce the consequences during the lease term. The lease agreement should rule a policy how to handle breaking rule behaviors and the consequences for any violations and repeat offenders. The violation may incur a fine, null the contract, or be grounds for an eviction.   

The Rent

Setting Rent: We assist owners to set the right rent amount that will ensure the property is occupied by quality tenants and allow an owner to collect appropriate rental income. We are familiar with market rent in our area and understand how to evaluate a property’s features in order to find the best rent price that will help an owner capitalize on their investment and ensure it is always occupied.

We create a policy for securely collecting rent from tenants including personal check, online payments, or cash that are mailed, dropped off at a secure location, or picked up in person. We provide the best method which results in the highest portion of prompt payments with the little amount of effort from both management and tenants. We will also deal with late payments, unpaid rent and the process of evicting a tenant due to non-payment of rent.

We facilitate legal and appropriate communication with tenants regarding rent increases. We also advise owners on the pros and cons of increasing rental prices in order to match market rates, to pay for property maintenance or improvements, to accommodate tax increases or to increase profits.

The Property

Our goal is to ensure proactive steps are taken to maximize every opportunity and to provide our clients with the best experience that exceeds expectations from start to finish. Learn more about our solutions available

We perform routine and preventive maintenance for the owner to make sure the property always remains in great condition. Maintenance tasks could be on-site manual management, or hire a professional vendor to perform the job regarding the most proper solutions and efficient budget.

Should the property require any repair passing time, we communicate the issue with the owner and schedule repairs pending approval. Common property management repairs include plumbing, broken railings, common area light bulb replacement, etc.

We conduct regular inspections of the rental unit in order to identify any maintenance issues that need to be fixed before they become expensive repairs and to ensure compliance with tenancy requirements. These inspections may include move-in/move-out inspections and seasonal inspections.

Tenant turnover involves leasing property, collecting keys and other room amenities, evaluating damages and refunding the past tenant’s security deposit, enforcing move-out dates, charging a tenant accordingly if not vacate the unit upon agreed date and time, and restoring property to ready condition between lease terms.

The vacated unit has to be inspected, cleaned and restored back to the previous condition before leased. If the property owner wants to make additional improvements to the unit during lease term, we could help coordinate and oversee the property maintenance.

The Owners

We work directly with the property owners to well serve all relevant information and services in regards to property performance, owner funds, and legal issues.

Property owners will be informed the performance of their investment. We actively advise and report current vacancy rates, income and expenses, necessary maintenance, tenancy requirements, business policies, and any update legal issues related to the property. We may also advise owners about setting proper rental rates, raising rent prices or providing property related services.

Owner funds are usually considered deposits and rent payments. The funds will be collected from a tenant by our team and then disbursed to the property owner’s bank account. We also create the cash flow report to certain the funds are well managed and forecasted the actual return on property investment.

We work directly with the property owners to well serve all relevant information and services in regards to property performance, owner funds, and legal issues.